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Could there be traces of nitrous oxide in your surgical suites or post anesthesia care unit?  Air Safe can test for exposures in your surgical suite for waste anesthetic gases.  This test/certification can give you and your personnel a piece of mind when it comes to exposure, safety, and being in compliance with the standards.

Air Safe, LLC completes a thorough test of the anesthesia machine(s) using the latest testing procedures.  Special attention is given to areas that are at high risk for leaks including vaporizers, cylinder yokes, absorber canisters, scavenging systems, breathing systems, and drop lines coming into the operating room.  Testing also consists of checking the flows within the vacuum or waste anesthesia gas disposal (WAGD) and testing the room’s pressure.  

Air Safe can test/certify all makes and models of anesthesia machines.  We are a third party testing/certification company, providing professional service to make sure there is no exposure.  If exposure is detected we will identify and document the levels and notify the proper personnel.  All testing information is compiled into a custom report for your facility.

Additional Testing/Certifications

Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACUs):  This is an important as PACUs can have high concentrations of waste anesthetic gases.

Standards referenced above are included in the following:

1. NIOSH Pub. 77-140; Occupational Exposure to Waste Anesthetic Gases and Vapors
2. NIOSH Pub. 94-118; Request for Assistance in Controlling Exposures to Nitrous Oxide during Anesthetic Administration
3.  ACGIH-Industrial Ventilation-“A Manual of Recommended Practices”
4.  NFPA Pub. 99C 2005 edition; International Codes and Standards Organization – Gas and Vacuum Systems.

We are accustomed to performing these services around daily hospital schedules and work closely with the facilities engineering office personnel.  We realize some hospital rooms and departments are not always accessible, but we will work with each department to ensure and verify every aspect of the medical gas system available.


Give us a call if you have any questions or would like a quote on performing this detailed testing for your facility. 

Latest News

  • Please congratulate Phillip Halsted on successfully passing the CNBT, becoming the 3rd Air Safe team member to become accredited by CETA!
  • CETA 2017 takeaway: Stained HEPA filters will be considered an "insanitary condition" by the FDA.  Stained filters will require replacement!
  • Brett Monday will be attending the NEBB CP seminar and testing October 12-14, 2016.
  • John Beyers recently returned from the NFPA conference in Charleston, NC.


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